Obama Retirement Proposals Tell a Sad Story

From Philip Moeller at U.S. News:

“Arguing against new government inducements to improve retirement plans is an uncomfortable place to be. Who could possibly be opposed to the goal of a comfortable retirement? Who doesn’t want to help older Americans achieve that goal? Who doesn’t agree that something is terribly wrong when middle-class salaries actually are lower, after inflation adjustments, than they were a decade ago? Surely, we must do something about this.”…

Read the rest of the column here.

So after reading this….if you thought the health care bill was about insuring 30 plus million uninsured…if you thought massive government spending was about creating new jobs…(well, it will create new very expensive government jobs but is that what we want?)…if you thought hope and change was a good selling point in the last election…what do you think now? It looks like the president makes great sounding promises, then turns around and does the exact opposite.  Why would he do that?  Why would he want to destroy the economic wealth of the American people? (Think Cloward and Piven.)


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