Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Health Care Chicanery

It seems House Speaker (and oh may she lose her job very soon) Pelosi just can’t take “no” for an answer.  She has more tricks up her sleeve to get the very bad Senate version of health insurance reform passed into law.  The recent overture by the White House to invite Republican input may just prove to be a diversion from what is really going on.  Remember, I’ve said it before…when there’s a bunch of things going on that the press is reporting on, always watch what the left hand is doing behind the scenes.  This administration keeps proving time and time again that they will use trickery to get their agenda passed. Our only problem is being sure to find out what is going on behind the scenes, but this time, its seems Pelosi’s top health care aid Wendell Primus is already talking…read the report at the link below. The contortions they want to do for this one are staggering.

Pelosi Aide: Health Care Summit a Trick, Strategy on Pro-Abortion Bill Decided


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