He Said What?

The following statement is from Andy Stern in a recent  interview with Ezra Klein at the Washington Post.  He is referring to the Democrats and the discussion is about health care reform.

“There’s the feeling that there hasn’t been enough accountability, that we’re (the unions?) being taken for granted. If careers, rather than issues, drive the decision making, then we need to make ourselves more involved in these people’s career planning (emphasis mine).”—Andy Stern, president of SEIU.

Read the whole column here.

Since the election of Barack Obama as president we have seen Mr. Stern become a regular visitor to the White House and the unions getting sweetheart deals and first rights in the government takeover of GM while stockholders who by law were to get first rights have been brushed aside.  One can only wonder what Stern might mean by his statement.  The agenda of leftist progressives like Andy Stern does not bode well for the freedom of anyone in America.


One thought on “He Said What?

  1. Kathy,
    Life has been a tad hectic and I have not been here lately. I am so amazed at the wealth of information you have here!! Keep up the good work!!

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