Off-Shore Oil Rigs That Explode

Let’s see if I have this right:

We haven’t had an off -shore oil rig accident in 20 years.

President Obama announces that he will allow more off-shore oil exploration.

Oil rig in the Gulf explodes, killing several men and causing a big oil spill.

President Obama announces he won’t allow more off-shore oil exploration…until the reason for this explosion is investigated.

Great timing.

Would there be those who would want to change his mind?…Just sayin.  Let the investigation begin.


3 thoughts on “Off-Shore Oil Rigs That Explode

  1. I really hate to sound like a conspiracy freak but I’ve done some googling and I can’t find any information on other oil rigs exploding and sinking. There are still some serious questions to be answered about the coal mine disaster as well. All of a sudden fossil fuels are becoming deadly. The companies that extract them are villified. I remember during Obama’s campaign his lambasting the coal industry and the evil profits of Big Oil and his goal of providing alternatives to fossil fuels. Honestly I wouldn’t put anything past this administration.

  2. Hi Doug, thanks for leaving a comment. In the past I think we have seen the environmentalist pull some incredible, over-the-top stunts to have their sway…that’s why I certainly question this whole situation. I don’t think they are past sabotage even if people get killed. In their minds the ends justifies the means and people are not as important as the environment.

  3. And one more thing…I believe this administration to be fully capable of creating a CRISIS, especially when there isn’t one happening, so that they can get their agenda through. The ends justifies the means.

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