Chilling Video Admission

David Horowitz gave a speech at UC San Diego last week to counter the Muslim Students Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week. An MSA member makes a chilling admission.  Seeing it brings it all home.


2 thoughts on “Chilling Video Admission

  1. Oh, Kathy. This gives me chills. At the same time, I’m SO THANKFUL that David Horowitz ‘saw the light’ years ago, and is speaking out so forcefully. So glad you found and posted this. I saw a clip last night that someone had posted on the comment section of another blog that is of Allan West, answering a question from someone about terrorism, and it just brings home how very much we need “principled leadership” to say these things, as Col. West put it.

    David Horowitz is one of my heroes, and he does this type of thing just right. She was trying to ‘trip’ him up and cause him to have to say something like he didn’t really have proof, but he believed it to be so. She could then smugly sit down thinking she had shown him to be a liar. Instead, he turns it right back on her. “Do you condemn Hamas?”

    Anyone who can’t or won’t answer that question in the affirmative, unhesitatingly, has ‘ties’ to terrorist organizations, even if just emotional.

    This just makes me sick. But thankful for Horowitz who exposes it.

  2. Now there’s a war of words going on as apparently this woman posted comments on a blog somewhere and tried to say she was manipulated by Horowitz and was confused…and back and forth it goes. I saw the video…she didn’t seem a bit confused. Hey thanks pup for reading and leaving a comment…you might be the only one who is!!!

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