Robert Gibbs Speaks

I love the fact that in the electronic age we live in, everything one says is either on a YouTube video or in print and on the internet.  Yesterday I was following some links and reading about the Obama birth certificate controversy  when I came across an abc report by Jake Tapper from July 27, 2009.  It was  a press conference with Robert Gibbs and he was being asked questions about the birth certificate and why the controversy lives on…and this was in 2009.  Much has happened since then.  For those of you who don’t know, a certification of live birth purportedly from Hawaii was posted on the internet and has been repeatedly pointed to as the evidence that the President does, indeed have a birth certificate.  And apparently it was Gibbs’ idea to post it there.

Here’s Gibbs’ answer to one of the questions:

Gibbs said there were 10,000 more important issues than to be debating a the president’s citizenship, “which has been proven ad nauseam.”

Why does it keep coming up? Gibbs was asked.

“Because for $15 you can get an internet address and say whatever you want,” Gibbs said.”

Er…Robert, you’re making the point.

Did he really mean to say this?

Open mouth, insert foot?

Funny how easy it is to attack others for the same things we ourselves do.

In more recent news,  a teacher from a university in eastern Kentucky is now speaking out about his time working in Hawaii’s elections office and how everyone there knew that Hawaii had no birth certificate for the President in their records.  Sheesh. Read about it here.

Behavior Modification Executive Order Issued

H/T to John at Midknight Review

Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”

June 12, 2010

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is fond of saying, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” Well, the Obama Administration certainly has not let the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon oil rig crisis go to waste, using it as a smokescreen to silently assault and further diminish American citizens’ personal freedom.

While the nation has its eyes and ears focused on the blame game ping-pong match between President Obama and BP top brass, President Obama on Thursday, June 10, quietly announced a new Executive Order establishing the “National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council.”

Claiming the “authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America,” President Obama has truly gone off the deep end this time in his most atrocious attempt to date to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.

According to Sec. 5. of the Executive Order that details the President’s “National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy,” the Council will be charged with carrying out “lifestyle behavior modification” among American citizens that do not exhibit “healthy behavior.”

The President’s desired lifestyle behavior modifications focus on:

  • smoking cessation;
  • proper nutrition;
  • appropriate exercise;
  • mental health;
  • behavioral health;
  • sedentary behavior;
  • substance-use disorder; and
  • domestic violence screenings.

Making matters even worse, if that is even possible at this point, President Obama will create an “Advisory Group” composed of experts hand-picked from the public health field and various other areas of expertise “outside the Federal Government.” (click on the linked headline for the rest of the story from Nanny State Liberation Front.)

Midknight Review notes: one of the more important legislative considerations in need of attention is this business about the power of the presidency. Obama’s capitalist brand of Marxism has brought this failing to light. Who knew he had the right and the power to single handedly take over GM and force that part of the middle class who actually work for a living to pay the bill? Who knew that he would even consider using “executive order” to circumvent the legislative process and install institutions of his liking ? Who knew that he would use his need for private staff to install more than 45 “czars” (including staff and individual budgets) , none of which are accountable to the Congress, all of which have “executive privilege” protections and cannot be subpoenaed buy anyone.

This editor:  Curious about other executive orders?  Go to this link to see all Executive orders from 2010.

For 2009 go here.

What The Progressive Movement Plans Now

Over the past few days we have frequently seen and heard about Nancy Pelosi’s speech at the America’s Future Now conference where she was booed and shouted down by some activists, who weren’t conservatives, by the way.  They were radical activists of another flavor.  What we haven’t heard much about is what that conference was all about.  Glenn Beck talked about it last night on his program.  So I did some more digging this morning.  This is from the AFL-CIO blog:

With jobs and the economy at the center of the conference, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Tuesday will join with Jared Bernstein, executive director of the Obama administration’s Middle Class Task Force; New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and PolicyLink CEO Angela Glover Blackwell in a plenary discussion on “The New Economy: Demanding Jobs and Justice.”

Also Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will discuss her vision for “A New Prosperity.” Bill Scher, CAF’s online editor and blogger, previews her address here.

Speakers from the union movement include AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker; United Steelworkers (USW) President Leo Gerard; Karen Nussbaum, executive director of the AFL-CIO community affiliate Working America; and Larry Gold, AFL-CIO associate general counsel.

Some of the sessions on key topics for working people include: “Health Care Reform-The Next Step,” “Immigration Reform,” “Working Class Anger-Does It Go Left or Right?” “Next Generation Progressives,” “Holding Congress Accountable” and “Can Congress Work in Polarized Age?” Click here for the full conference agenda.

Also taking part in the conference are Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington; Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.); Democratic Reps. Alan Grayson (Fla.), Donna Edwards (Md.) and Barbara Lee (Calif.); former White House adviser Van Jones; former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean; NAACP President Benjamin Jealous; and Janet Murguía, president of the National Council of La Raza.”

Now, let me introduce you to a new resource blog I have just listed on my sidebar.  It has some excellent reporting on this conference.  And folks, let me tell you, this is important.  It’s important to know what the other side is up to.  And they have big plans for the rest of US.  (See how the word US is the same as the initials for our country…how about that!~)  NewZeal blog reported extensively on the America’s Future Now conference.  They got the information from another blog at

Check out these posts…America’s Future Now Progressives Plan National Suicide

Communists plan Obama/Democrat resurgence in November mid – terms

America’s Future NOW! These are the people Glenn Beck warned you about!

America’s Future NOW! – Washington gathering plan next steps to socialist U.S.A.

I leave you with a short video clip.

Wisdom From Those Who Have Gone Before Us

The Father of American Geography, Jedediah Morse wrote,

“Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government, and all the blessings which flow from them, must fall with them.”

Editor: I think I see this on the horizon.

American diplomat and politician, Daniel Webster,  in 1837:

“The hand that destroys the Constitution renders our Union asunder.”

Editor: Ummm…yep, I think we’re watching it happen.

President Ronald Reagan said:

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.”

Editor:  We are so right at the door.