Robert Gibbs Speaks

I love the fact that in the electronic age we live in, everything one says is either on a YouTube video or in print and on the internet.  Yesterday I was following some links and reading about the Obama birth certificate controversy  when I came across an abc report by Jake Tapper from July 27, 2009.  It was  a press conference with Robert Gibbs and he was being asked questions about the birth certificate and why the controversy lives on…and this was in 2009.  Much has happened since then.  For those of you who don’t know, a certification of live birth purportedly from Hawaii was posted on the internet and has been repeatedly pointed to as the evidence that the President does, indeed have a birth certificate.  And apparently it was Gibbs’ idea to post it there.

Here’s Gibbs’ answer to one of the questions:

Gibbs said there were 10,000 more important issues than to be debating a the president’s citizenship, “which has been proven ad nauseam.”

Why does it keep coming up? Gibbs was asked.

“Because for $15 you can get an internet address and say whatever you want,” Gibbs said.”

Er…Robert, you’re making the point.

Did he really mean to say this?

Open mouth, insert foot?

Funny how easy it is to attack others for the same things we ourselves do.

In more recent news,  a teacher from a university in eastern Kentucky is now speaking out about his time working in Hawaii’s elections office and how everyone there knew that Hawaii had no birth certificate for the President in their records.  Sheesh. Read about it here.


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