“…none of us knew he was a Communist.”

Fidel Castro becomes the leader of Cuba as a r...
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The complete statement is “You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a Communist.”

This statement was made by a young Cuban refugee who migrated here in the 1960’s. His story is here in this article: Castro, Obama, and the Rule of Law.

It’s very eye opening. And very relative to the times we live in.

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3 thoughts on ““…none of us knew he was a Communist.”

  1. Hi John,

    Sigh. I suppose there are too many…but they will probably not read my post anyway….but I like your thought! However, I believe admitting to ANY thing is increasingly difficult for this administration. I do like to think that it could all change in time though.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. Actions speak louder than words anyway, and I agree with you, Kathy, they do not seem like the kind of people to admit to anything. Like you, I too believe it can still change; they will press their luck just a little too far, and will open the eyes of more and more American voters.

    You know, as I wrote that a sad fact occurred to me. We don’t even need a majority of Americans to see the light, just a majority of American VOTERS. So many don’t vote, don’t care, don’t pay any attention at all.

    Good post.

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