Federal Government to the Court

Quarter of Arizona
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“How dare Arizona try to take away that job we’re not doing?”

In a nutshell and on the surface, this is what’s going on.  Beneath the surface there is much more.  Today starts the Federal government‘s challenge to Arizona’s immigration law which is just like the federal law, except AZ defined the parameters much more stringently whereby illegals can be questioned.  I do think this is very much a political move by the Obama administration as well as an unbelievable waste of taxpayer funds in a time of dire economic straits.  But spend, spend, spend we will.  Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Or something like that.

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One thought on “Federal Government to the Court

  1. Good post! I like the photos with your posts.

    I’ve tried to look at things sometimes pretending to be from another country, or outer space, and I swear, it is so ridiculous it’s almost comical. Almost like a comedy skit. “We’ll sue you, and you’re wrong for enforcing laws that is our place to enforce, even though we don’t.” Mind-boggling. I wonder how history will treat this administration. Honestly, I pray.

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