Oklahoma Bans Stonings, Amputations for Theft…

…and Death For Apostates, Muslims Cry Islamophobia”.

The headline says it all.  Go read the post.  Almost too funny to be believed.

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2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Bans Stonings, Amputations for Theft…

  1. Thanks Kathy for posting this! It was a GREAT night here in OK. I feel certain, without a doubt, that Oklahoma will soon be in the national news every day because I fully expect my president to sue us over 1) this law banning the use of sharia/international law in our courts; 2) our approval of an amendment making English our official state government language; or 3) our approval of an amendment making Oklahomans not have to comply with a federal mandate to purchase health insurance.

    I don’t want to give the impression that I hope we get sued. I don’t, would really derail all the good plans our new conservative governor, lt. governor, both state houses, and perhaps most exciting of all, our new conservative state school superintendent. She’s a dynamo, Janet Barresi is her name, and she has a great story.

    Anyway, I hope we don’t get sued because I want them all to be able to get right to work. But I do expect it to happen, over one or all of those states’ rights that we decided on.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hey Pup, glad you went and looked at this…great headline, eh?
    How many states can they sue at once? Everyone is lining up to assert states rights. So glad your state is doing it right! IL just got it’s first senator (in a while) from the other side (maybe). I’m halfway expecting him to vote with the opposing party on most things. ;-(

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