Reid Pulls Monstrous Spending Bill From The Floor

Harry Reid, Democrat Senator from Nevada, if anyone doesn’t know that, has pulled the hugely bloated omnibus spending bill from the Senate floor tonight.

All one can say about that is “Praise the Lord”.

The insanity of a last minute Christmas Eve (remember last year’s holiday gift? ObamaCare), push to spend 1.3 trillion more is too unbelievable to believe, but there you have it.  Desperation does strange things to people.  I hear de-nial is NOT a river in Egypt.  Think about it.

3 thoughts on “Reid Pulls Monstrous Spending Bill From The Floor

  1. It’s good news, but I have to admit, it really makes me wonder what they’re up to. I’m sure the Dream Act will figure into this somehow. I can just picture Reid going around to the senators who are against these bills, walking around with two or three big goon bodyguards/muscle men, getting into people’s faces, and threatening them if they don’t vote for it. It’s a sad statement that I might joke about this, but I honestly think that this admin is capable of stuff like that.

  2. Pup, make sure you read Charles Krauthammer’s post for today on the Washington Post site. He says the tax bill they passed last night was even worse with bad spending! I knew there was plenty in it and I was against them passing it. I watched the voting last night as the congress voted down the amendment to make a 45% death tax after 3.5 million of assets passed to inheritors. Then watched them vote this in. Charles makes the point that it doesn’t make any sense and that Obama made off good with 313 billion. I think he bamboozled the Republicans when they could have done better waiting for the new congress. I guess we are going to have to stay on them. I don’t like 313 billion in new spending. I think Obama may have funded ObamaCare for the year in this bill.

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