And So It Begins…Effects of The Repeal

The pros and cons of homosexuals openly serving in the military has somewhat eluded me.  It is a subject I haven’t given a lot of thought or study to, preferring to leave that decision to those in the military who just might have a wiser view of things than mine.

Today I read a compelling argument from an army lieutenant colonel who is resigning.  He is resigning not necessarily because he objects to homosexuals per se, but he is resigning for what his government will be forcing him to do and forcing him to force upon the men he commands.  Even if government does not acknowledge it, people have consciences.  To force someone to do something against their conscience is tyranny.  Read the entire post here.  It certainly makes one fear for the future of the military in our nation, which in turn makes one wonder about the future protection of the country. Politics and the military (i.e. the protection of our nation) may not make good bedfellows. No pun was intended.

2 thoughts on “And So It Begins…Effects of The Repeal

  1. I have a great theory why this was wanted by Obama. Of course part of it was for the gay votes but I believe the primary reason was something far more sinister.I watched a lot of C-Span coverage in the lame duck. I saw how John McCain and many others felt so passionately that it would harm our military and as usual sat and pondered Obama’s reason. He wants a draft . If gays were not accepted it would rile the people , so he wanted don’t ask turned over. He asked Congress last year for a draft bill HR 5471 . At , the context is BAD ! Women and men up to the age of 42 would be drafted . Regardless of marriage family, he would have the option to send you to Puerto Rico,Gaum or anywhere he wanted you sent.It would be up to Obama’s discretion. He could even force you to be a civil service person.Rip you from your family.He was not counting on the Nov. election though. This and the gay vote was why he wanted a reversal.The bill was sent to the military committee. It may be wrong to hate but I hate this man. He plays politics with our National security and he makes me weep for my country.

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for writing. Wow…you may be right about his motives. He certainly wants control over everything! I watch what he is doing every day and believe that surely he has committed impeachable offenses against the country and the people, so what is congress waiting for? He is destroying the nation. I agree with how you feel. Isn’t it hard to believe that the country elected someone like this? But once the media refused to do their job, most people were in the dark, I suppose. They didn’t have to be, but they were.

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