Rural Communities Won’t Escape Agenda 21

Well, just call me discombobulated…I posted this link on the last post about spying on doctors.  Agenda 21 a whole new subject and one everyone needs to pay attention to.  This whole new world order government stuff is sort of like the floor of my used-to-be 9 foot by 9 foot bedroom floor.  It is my work studio and I have so much stuff with no place to store it, that right now the floor space might measure 3 feet by 2 feet, if that.  It just keeps creeping up on me. And the funny part is, (back to new world order stuff) if you are not paying diligent attention, it’s all happening behind the scenes where, if you’re not reading the blogosphere every single day, you don’t know it’s even happening…it’s like that creeping ivy you plant in your yard…one day you wake up…and it’s taken over the yard!  That’s what’s going on behind the scenes, friends, and I’m not sure there is any stopping it.   If you are a Bible believer, as I am, there is a time coming where there will be no stopping any of the great evil that will befall the globe.  By that time, it will be too big, too powerful and too entrenched.

While we were all distracted with “Weiner-gate”, the trials and troubles of Anthony Weiner, for 3 solid weeks, our smooth,  sneaky prez was quietly signing at least one globally agreeable, sovereignty-surrendering, executive order that no one was reporting about.  Here’s the link for ya’ and you need to be educated.

And this guy is from New Zealand!

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