Have You Checked In With Your Girl Scout Troop Lately?

I guess nothing is sacred in our country any more.  Nothing is untouched by political correctness and political agenda.  Nothing is untouched by the encroaching government agenda determined to blur the lines between good and evil, male and female, right and wrong. Even the Girl Scouts, the time honored organization supposedly aimed at teaching young girls virtue and citizenship as well as other noteworthy qualities to equip them for adulthood.

The Washington Times is reporting that the Girl Scouts’ cookie drive supports abortion and  Planned Parenthood activities.  Guess I’ll be giving up their cookies.  I’m not interested in supporting a political agenda that runs against my own time honored values of virtue and citizenship.  Oh yeh, the Girl Scout troops are also being forced to accept into their membership young boys with gender identity issues.  See the article here.  Virtue, my eye.  Talk about confusing for young girls.  This is social programming and indoctrination at its finest.  I always thought the Girl Scouts was a private group.  But then, for years I  have watched the Boy Scouts be assailed by similar destructive and pc agendas.  So now I will do my patriotic duty and refuse to buy those cookies.  I hope others will join me. Besides, I need to lose weight anyway.

The current media relations director of the GS is one Joshua Ackley, who ten years ago was the front man for the Dead Betties, a homopunk band.  He appears in publicity photos dressed in women’s clothing and then appears naked and feigning masturbation in music videos according to the Times.

Yeh…virtue, my eye.  Who hired this guy anyway?


3 thoughts on “Have You Checked In With Your Girl Scout Troop Lately?

  1. It’s very sad to see the GS go down this road. And the BS too. This country is sliding (or hurtling) into decadence faster and faster. ‘Political correctness’ is a tool of evil. We need some strong and brave leaders. In the meantime, we keep praying. Good post, Kathy!

  2. Listen, what is being reported about GS is not what is happening at the troop/girl level in my area. I challenge anyone to research the GSA guide for leaders, mission statement or purpose and find anything but the support of American girls to become strong, courageous and confident future leaders through fun and educational activities. I have been a GS leader for over ten years, and have never promoted any of the activities that GS is being accused of, not have I seen this being promoted by any other troop leaders, or administrative leaders in the Girl Scout Council of our Nations Capital !!!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear that you and no other troop leader you know are promoting this type of activity. I would love to trust that the Girl Scouts organization is not being influenced and propagandized by the current political correctness in our country. So then, do you believe this article to be a lie? If it is a lie, what should be done about it? If this writer is really lying about this, I would personally like to know it.
    Again, thanks for writing.

    Katherine Sands

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