Struck by a Turtle or Bit by a Turtle

Today saw a highly entertaining morning on the Glen Beck program as Glenn, Stu and Pat examined the new medical diagnostic codes coming out that will inform the federal government what injuries Americans are receiving. The focus of their attention was on the speech that Rand Paul gave earlier this year to the Iowa Republican Party, which is quite remarkable. You can read and hear an excerpt of the speech here.  Full speech is here.

Apparently 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes have been added to our existing coding system, currently with 18,000 codes, by our ever industrious government. (I think they must lie awake at night thinking of new things to foist upon the American people.) Injuries sustained from turtles and macaws made the list. Have you ever been injured by any of these creatures? And there are 9 separate injuries by macaws that are in the new codes. Glenn, Stu, and Pat speculated on what those 9 injuries might be. They had a really hard time coming up with 9….

The folks on the Glenn Beck program have a wonderful gift for taking a silly topic like this, tossing it around and back and forth at each other, poking fun at it, and adding to all the silliness. It was very funny, and if you didn’t hear it, you should. It makes for a light-hearted morning…if it wasn’t for the fact that this is our federal government spending their time on the taxpayer dime doing such inane things. You really must hear it to believe it.

Oh yeh…burning water skis got their own code too.

Running for Local Office

So…I  haven’t posted here in a while. It’s hard to keep up with more than one blog and I’m not doing that well over on the other one! I’ve published a children’s book this spring and I now work part time for a weekly newspaper.

I thought the information about Marco Rubio was important. There’s also some question about his natural born status. I don’t think he meets the definition because his parents came from Cuba and weren’t citizens  when he was born. At least that’s what my investigation has revealed. His attitude toward the immigration debate shows his allegiance is not to our laws, in my opinion.

Anyway, I want to talk about my recent run for election. I’ve noticed that in our country these days, sometimes the law isn’t taken very seriously. This definitely comes from the top post in Washington, D.C. and I believe it filters down into every area. What the top man allows seems to tell others they can do it too.

In my township, we have a man in elected office who doesn’t live in the township. Now, he claims he does, but in actuality, he does not. He has been our township supervisor now for 4 years. He beat out a friend of mine who actually does live in the township and who had served honorably for 16 years. This year he decided to run for trustee. I decided it was time to do something to stop him.  Since I missed a deadline to challenge his nomination, I had to move on to other methods. I have decided that this deadline is actually for the members of his particular party since I, as a member of the opposing party, would have no actual knowledge of his candidacy other than what I might hear through the grapevine. I did not attend their caucus.

Since I missed the deadline that I had no knowledge of, I decided to run against him in particular, as an absentee candidate. This was a way to dislodge him from the office he was seeking. In the event that he would win, the state election board told me that I could ask for a hearing into his residency. I lost the election, and the lawyers for the township refused my request for a hearing, saying my request was “untimely” since I should have opposed his nomination in the time period allowed, even though I couldn’t be sure he was nominated.  It’s all very vague, in a way. So the lawyers denied me a hearing, giving me some legal mumbo jumbo and reminding me of some other requirements for that office that he doesn’t meet.

Let’s just say I must now take the last and perhaps final step. And it’s a very serious step. Why should I do it? Because it’s the right thing to do. Because the only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Because “we have a set of freaking laws in this country” as Pat (from the Glenn Beck show) says. I have counsel from the state election board that this is the next step. I have waited for a time, not wanting to cost the taxpayers of my township any financial hardship and needing to make sure they would not be strapped with legal bills. We have poked and prodded the frog, but he does not want to budge. I wonder if the $50 a month he receives will be worth the hassle in the end. Stay tuned.

Marco Rubio for President?

There has been much speculation and talk in the Republican party about what a great candidate for President Marco Rubio would make. Yesterday, Powerline blog at posted something that should not sit well with any law-abiding citizen of this country. Again, it makes the case for the Constitutional requirements that only natural-born citizens be elevated to the highest offices in the land. His bias and legislative efforts against enforcing the laws on immigration is documented in the post.  The Daily Caller is referenced as the place the information came from. Who knew? Republican party, pay attention.  Here’s the link to the post by Paul Mirengoff. The original post at the Daily Caller is by Charles C. Johnson. Here’s the link to that post.