About Those New Medical Codes

The Blaze did some fact checking about Senator Rand Paul’s hilarious speech (see my prior post). It seems his references to these codes being implemented by Obamacare are not exactly accurate. The codes the U.S. uses number at 18,000. These codes are organized by the World Health Organization under the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding system. The U.S. currently operated on ICD-9.

The coding scheme Sen. Paul was referring to was ICD-10, written many years ago and is the sytem that most of the world currently operates on. Its implementation here was approved under the Bush administration in 2008 but was pushed back to 2013. The Obama administration has now pushed it back to October of 2014 to give doctors more time to prepare for the changes.

Here is a complete list of the codes if you wish to look them over.


The view of some in the government is this increase in the number of codes is expected to increase the cost of compliance, unduly burden the system even more, and do nothing to improve healthcare.


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