A Math Tutor’s take on Common Core

I have previously reported some things here about Common Core. There is plenty of information and opinions out there about the Common Core educational system that make broad statements. Today, I came across a math teacher and tutor’s column.  She first lists her credentials, and then lists specific problems she finds with Common Core math,  its effects on kids and it’s inevitable effect on the math and science education of our country’s students. And it’s not good, but not for the reasons I had previously heard.

Read her up close and personal experience here at American Thinker.

September 11, 2014

This morning as I listened to the memorials and news footage from that awful day in 2001, I ponder other events. I was thinking about how our then-president George W. Bush took to the podium and, eventually the bullhorn, to talk to the American people about the tragedy. He came out strong in his leadership abilities.

I wondered if the death of the 3000 that day (at first thought to be perhaps 60,000) was comparable to the tragic, horrific death of one lone American journalist at the hands of an ISIS killer. I wondered if his death should have been mourned any differently. I believe Pres. George W. Bush would have mourned his death just as much as the 3000 who died 13 years ago. I believe the awful facts merit it. Is one death equal to 3000? Perhaps only if it is your own. But the fact that an American journalist (actually, two recently) had his head sawed off in the cruelest fashion makes me mourn for him and the others who have suffered in this most unimaginable way. And then there are the other evil atrocities being committed against women and Christians by these same types of groups.

Like the music in The Hobbit, The Misty Mountains Cold, if we are paying attention and are the least bit a compassionate people, there must always be a mournful song in all of us as long as evil is present and large in our world, as long as ugliness and cruelty destroy other human beings. God mourns…and I mourn. I know the end of God’s story, but the ugliness of what people do to each other still makes me weep. The ugliness of reprobate men…