The Pope and our President


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Just when you think it couldn’t get any weirder…it does! That’s the world we live in today. Wasn’t there a movie called….It’s a Mad, Mad, World….?

The President has invited transgender activists, the first openly gay US Episcopal bishop and an activist nun who promotes abortion to the welcome ceremony for the Catholic pope when he visits our country.

I’m not sure what the president’s motive for this is. Maybe it’s a “let’s all get together and talk” idea. It sure looks like a big poke in the pope’s eye, a deliberate move to provoke. Isn’t it a little bit like inviting the KKK to a welcome ceremony for a black president? Hmmmm…

The pope is already making some noise about this, but I think he shouldn’t. He can win this thing, and win lots of hearts and minds at the same time. What would Jesus do? Jesus loved on people, he didn’t point out their sin so much. And this is about people.

He can be a bigger man than the president. This is a great opportunity. The world is watching. I pray he uses it well.