The Donald

The Donald. What can I say? Is our country ready for a guy who is not afraid of anyone? A guy who’s not afraid to burst through all the political correctness b.s. and say what he really means?

Part of the country is. In fact, I think most of the country is dead tired and  bored with all the politicians saying the same old thing, doing the same old thing (nothing). I am.

It looks like we are going to have some rocky roads ahead. Ever wonder why, not only is the Democratic Party blasting Trump, but so is the establishment wing of the Republican Party. Now why would that be? Anyone ever ask themselves that question? Why the total and complete uproar from both sides about Trump?

How about this? How about if everyone in the world is coming against you, maybe you are doing something right. I think something else is upholding Trump. He has been standing through an increasingly violent storm, which looks like it’s about to erupt into something worse. How much damage can the  powers of hell inflict? I think we are about to see…but as I said, something else is upholding Trump. He might just be God’s man for the hour. And the one who can stop the country’s progressive march towards hell.

The Democrats have now come out that they are full blown socialists. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. That should guarantee a mass exodus of conservative Democrats to the New Reformed Republican Party, even in my confirmed Democrat county.




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