A little satire….

When things get dark and downright threatening and dangerous-looking and sounding, a little satire can relieve the tension.

From The People’s Cube, we have this report on the cancellation of the Trump rally in Chicago.

“CHICAGO, IL – Tonight one thousand peaceful communists, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matter activists, devout Muslims, immigration advocates with Mexican flags, and local students of Marxism, disrupteda meeting of some twenty five thousand angry and violent Trump supporters, leading to its cancellation.

The Trump crowd had it coming because they had conspired to shut down everyone else’s right to free speech by buying tickets to the event, which was closed to those who didn’t have tickets. That was a grotesque violation of the protesters’ right to get inside, jump on the podium, rip Trump signs, and scream “F** Trump” into a TV camera.

As the news of the event’s cancellation was announced, the protesters peacefully celebrated their victory by throwing punches at Trump supporters and police officers, shouting over their objections, flipping the middle finger and kicking their cars, and walking into the road to block traffic composed of gas-guzzling, global-warming-causing vehicles.

Some of the skirmishes have been caught on camera, including this one, in which Donald Trump personally confronts a Black Lives Matter pr – See more at: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/donald-trump-takes-care-of-black-lives-matter-protest-t17681.html#p201323″


I love this rendition of current events.


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