Baby Charlie Gard…what it was really about

Hopefully, you have been following the saga of baby Charlie Gard, taken hostage by the British courts and the British National Health Care System (NHL). We can now say for sure that we have met those infamous Death Panels that show up when the government is paying the medical bills. The government then owns you lock, stock, and barrel. If you think that’s overstating it, you haven’t been following little Charlie’s story. What a cute baby he was too. Our congress had the opportunity to stop our march to this end result this week, but they said, “no” this week.

Because I cannot present the argument any better than Daren Jonescu, I implore you to read his/her posts at the following links. You don’t have to be uninformed, unless you choose to be. Be responsible! The country needs you!

Tyranny Bares Its Teeth (to defend babies, of course)

Charlie Gard’s Mother Permitted to Join Her Betters

The Totalitarian Ratchet Turns

Charlie Gard’s Parents Give Up—And You’re Next

Charlie Gard Has Died

RIP Charlie Gard—And Thank You

What the Charlie Gard Case Was Never About

4 thoughts on “Baby Charlie Gard…what it was really about

  1. Thank you for posting this, and the links, I read them. I confess to being ignorant about the real reason behind the foot dragging of Great Ormand Street Hospital. I did find it odd how they seemed to have more power than the parents… now that you have presented this (through the links) I now understand things more than ever. Frightening. No wonder the father stood up and shouted, “Evil!” I could not understand how the hospital had the authority to not let the parents take Charlie home to die… and I still wonder, were the parents even allowed to be with Charlie or hold him when he passed on? Thank you for opening my eyes on this– how the state becomes to have more authority than the parents–I did not connect the two– but I am ignorant no longer. I also noticed the section (on the blog) ‘The Case Against Public Education’… the other evening on the local news, we watched a feature about a local elementary school that during the summer, provided breakfast and lunch… they had a band playing, games, etc., rather like day care for children I suppose. But my thought was, “where is the mother/father that these children are not eating at home?” Then my tiny brain realized another link– another ‘ratchet’ forward towards Socialism… the past 30-40 years of indoctrinating women that they must leave their children and be in the work force… With both parents (or the single parent!) at work, soon the public schools will be erecting dormitories… children will be fed, clothed, raised and ‘educated’ (brain washed)– the parents will have no rights, just like Charlie Gard’s parents.

  2. Thanks for commenting! And reading all the links! This guy/girl has it nailed. My heart breaks for the parents of the baby.
    The war against the family probably most legitimately and openly started when the feminist movement began. It belittled the stay-at-home mom who wanted to raise her children and made women believe they were missing something if they weren’t out there making names for themselves in the working world. The other thing people miss is the fact that our government (who controls our economy) made it too hard to live on one income, so they are involved from the beginning in separating children from their families. Public education is under their control (and I might add, the church has allowed it). Remember when there was talk about kids being in school year round? I’m pretty sure that’s still on the Progressive agenda.
    The Communists knew that in order to change the next generation, children had to be separated from their families. Families as we have known them had to cease to exist. The children were to be completely indoctrinated by the State. If little Charlie had lived, he would probably just be another number in the State system, where the weaker ones are sorted out and killed.
    It is truly frightening…and even more frightening to know that our Senators could not even muster up any sort of majority vote to get rid of ObamaCare last week. I believe they do not want to. They have exempted themselves from its requirements, but the rest of the country got it rammed down their throats. We may come to actual civil war yet, if they keep this up. The country has done it the Constitutional way time and time again and they keep lying to us. I don’t know how much more the citizens will take.
    Someone has suggested that Trump needs to sign an executive order putting all of the Congressmen on Obamacare and that will be the way to get it repealed. I’m wondering if he just may.

  3. My first child was born in 1977 and at social gatherings I was asked, “So, what do you do?” I (sheepishly) revealed I was a stay at home mom. People smirked and then said, “Oh.” (Conversation over, nothing to talk about here, she’s boring and unworthy because she doesn’t have a job outside the home…) That’s how I felt! That I was less of a person because I was “just” a mother and home maker. Looking back 40 years, I can see that it was the best decision ever to stay at home and raise my children… you can’t reclaim those precious years and I would have lost it all because I was plodding away in some store or office. Fortunately, my husband made a good income which allowed me to be at home, I know everyone didn’t/doesn’t have that choice, but you know, I have an inkling that it still can be done with very careful financial planning and resourcefulness, and a common sense approach to avoiding the consumerist lifestyle trap.

    In reference to your last paragraph, I think The Donald has just threatened something similar to what you have suggested.

  4. So you have experienced the world’s disdain for mothers. Staying home and raising your own children means you make your mark on the next generation of adults who will run the country. You are also being a good steward of what God has given you. Women who raise their own children make sacrifices. I personally have known and do know lots of women who stay home to raise their children, most around here even home school them. They make a sacrifice in today’s world by living on less and having less. But they actually have more! I applaud all of them!
    A friend of mine even fought off her husband’s pressure for her to work while their children were young, but she stayed adamant about it, staying home to be with her kids. She started a business at home designing quilt patterns and is now enjoying some modicum of success and popularity as her children are graduating and leaving the nest. There is no replacement for parents raising their own children. No one cares for them like you do!

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