Commentary on the week’s news…photo edition!

First, about that alleged suicide of convicted pedophile/rapist Jeffrey Epstein…

lee harvey oswald

Flo from Geico

On Cuomo’s rant-filled Fredo breakdown…


On our Israel-hating congresswomen….

No Israel for you

How to get your way in 2019….

Im offended


80 Days and Counting…As We The People Wait


The People keep hearing reports almost every day and night about the investigation into the investigators of the Russia hoax. The reporters who really want to know are doing their jobs, Sara Carter, John Solomon, etc. Now the FBI 302s have been released, not by AG Barr, but by Judicial Watch. AG Barr was given declassification authority 80 days ago…we hope this doesn’t mean what many fear it could mean.

Read Sundance’s article today here.

How to Fix It

On gun control….

The government CANNOT fix it.

What is needed in this country is a spiritual awakening, a revival, one where the hearts of men change in their attitudes toward God and they turn away from evildoing. There actually was a time when these sorts of mass killings didn’t happen. It was a time when such things as morality, honor, and respect for others, and doing what’s right ruled in our country.

We can have that again, but we will need hearts to change.

Let the love of God prevail in our nation.