State passes law, takes money away from entity tasked to enforce law, making criminals of gun owners

Well, here’s a new one. Illinois passed what is called the FOID card registration for gun owners. In short, you must have one of these cards to purchase ammunition or firearms in the state of Illinois. Ok, fine.

The Illinois government gives the job of processing the FOID cards to the Illinois State Police. Ok, fine. They allot money in the budget that goes to the State Police to process and get these cards mailed out to applicants. There is a background check and the like to make sure you are not a jerk. If you are a jerk, you will not be allowed to purchase a gun. I suppose they are weeding out the dangerous sorts. Ok, fine.

Recently, the Illinois state government purloined $30 million from that special fund that the ISP use to support their work of processing the FOID cards, without which you cannot purchase a firearm or ammunition. The ISP also processes the conceal/carry cards for those qualified for that.

Can you see where I’m going here? People are waiting months to get their FOID cards  after they have expired. So does this make them criminals since they don’t have the FOID card, that the ISP can’t process because Illinois took all their money? Is this a back door way of accomplishing what the lefties really want, which is to hinder and frustrate gun owners and get rid of all guns? Yep, folks, that’s what it looks like. Some lame brain in our state government came up with this scam recently, I’d say.

Do not ever assume your government is looking out for you, the little guy. That is over in our country. They are actually looking for ways to: 1. get more money from you to cover their misspending so they don’t have to change; and 2. take your guns from you so you can’t fight back if they get more repressive. We the people have lost our power. BUT, I don’t think it is too late. President Trump being elected gives me hope. Government by the people, for the people and of the people is coming back, you just wait and see.

And how about that newly elected Democrat Virginia assembly? They allocated more money in their budget (from the citizens’ taxes) to cover expected new expenses of jailing law-abiding gun owners in that state when their newly hired enforcement team comes to confiscate the weapons the assembly plans to make illegal. How about that? Take the guns AND make the taxpayers foot the jail bill and the pay for the guys to do it ? That’s just so insulting on so many levels. Can anyone say Boston Tea Party? I guess they think citizens are just going to lay down and take it, otherwise, why would they push on the people like this?

Watch Virginia.

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