About Katherine Sands
I am a middle-aged (sheesh) white woman who takes great interest in the things going on the nation and the world. I listen to a lot of news and have been very interested in the recent elections. I am so glad they are over because I need a break. I started this blog because I decided that I had something to say…and I wanted to say it. (My husband doesn’t want to listen to me all the time.) (teehee)

I will say, things sure are different in this country than when I was growing up. Things have changed very quickly in a pretty short time. I was a bit involved in politics in the 1988 elections and presently I am an election judge. It’s important to keep our democratic process intact, so that it can be fair for everyone, small, tall, old, young, weak, strong, black, white, red and whatever other differences we may have. Yes, I think our differences should help us define the whole, but not divide us. I welcome comments on my blog, but, try to be nice. There’s no reason for us to fight over our opinions. Fighting and arguing may just shut out something that might be of help in understanding. Keep an open mind. Come, let us reason together about the issues of our day. (Any comments with profanity will be deleted–now you’ve been warned!)