Regarding solar energy…and wind power companies

I don’t have a solar farm, but I harness the power of the sun every day. When the sun comes out, it warms my home. And I didn’t spend any money to get it to do that. AND, get this, I save fossil fuel usage. Now just think about that.

Up in Douglas County, Illinois, the citizens there are desperately trying to keep the land from being cluttered with forty or more 600 feet (or so) tall wind turbines that won’t at all bother the land leaseholders WHO DON’T LIVE THERE.

Not to mention, they are battling on several fronts.

First, we have a planning committee (WECS) who will recommend to the board to pass an application for a permit that violates their OWN ORDINANCE. The county board is scheduled to vote this morning on the permit WHICH VIOLATES THEIR OWN ORDINANCE. Even the county engineer voted AGAINST the permit yesterday in a committee meeting (and I didn’t even know that county engineers had an official vote in county business).

This company came to an incorporated town in the neighboring county and tried to BRIBE them to let the turbines come inside of their established perimeters. The bribe: they would paint their water tower.

Two townships in Douglas County who would be surrounded by wind turbines put zoning requirements in place; the company then took them to court.

The Illinois State Assembly stepped in, proposed a law in February 2019 and passed in April 2019, (wow, that was quick) effectively stating that TOWNSHIPS HAD NO ZONING AUTHORITY in this matter; only county zoning laws counted. Apparently, before the law, townships DID have this authority. That’s interesting.

This is a GLOBAL COMPANY, perhaps backed by China, if the name gives any indication.

Folks, I am here to tell you, especially Illinoisans…these big companies don’t give a lick about the little guy (that’s me and you). The Illinois State Assembly doesn’t have enough representatives and senators that give a lick about me and you. And apparently, the county boards don’t give a lick either.

I believe it’s all about the money. The company comes in, knowing communities need money, make a lot of big promises (lies), that I’m not at all sure they can prove, and elected officials swoon at the thought. I watched a gaming company come into a board meeting the other night. (Yeah I know this is off topic, but follow me.) This kid made a promise (promotion?) to a financially needy little town of 200 people that their little convenience store could bring in $14,000 a year if they would have gaming. Really? Looking at the gaming revenue added to other villages, I say this: Maybe they can get $14,000 in five years!

My point is this. We live in unparalleled (for us) times. Corruption in government entities is creating a lot of the financial difficulties we are experiencing. Elected officials are always “buying votes” using the taxpayers’ money. Corruption in businesses looking for a leg up or to game the corrupt system of government is probably at an all time high. Take off the rose colored glasses, elected officials. It’s a line of bs. Taxpayers are fed up. We don’t believe YOUR LIES and we don’t believe the lies the companies are selling you either.

It’s entirely possible that government subsidies are about to come to an end for these wind and solar companies. That, combined with increased legislative demands that energy companies obtain a higher percentage of their electricity from “renewables” that cost 70% more than fossil fuels to claim, is probably “fueling” (haha!) the push to get more wind farms up and more solar farms going.

Just remember, the sun heats my house every day that it’s out…and I don’t pay a dime for that.

You can follow the progress of the Douglas County battle on The Dawn Coyote Facebook page. (Get it…Don Quixote)

UN demands Australia stop mining coal

UN demands Australia stop mining coal

Watts Up With That?

anthracite coalGuest essay by Eric Worrall

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres has stated that Australia must stop mining coal.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald;

Speaking at a conference in Melbourne on Wednesday, Christiana Figueres drew a parallel between Australia and the oil kingdom [Saudi Arabia] as countries that would need to diversify their economies as the world grapples with global warming.

Ms Figueres said ultimately Australia would have to move away from coal for environmental reasons and changes in global economic patterns. She said nobody was saying this would have to happen overnight, but the transition should be orderly, gradual and progressive.

‘”The science is very clear, there is no space for any new coal,” she said.

Read more:

Ms Figures doesn’t have any specific advice about how Australia should fill the gigantic hole in her finances, which decommissioning the coal mining industry would create. Perhaps Ms…

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“… The real agenda is concentrated political authority. Global warming is the hook.”

“… The real agenda is concentrated political authority. Global warming is the hook.”

Watts Up With That?

Maurice Newman, Chairman Australian Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council Maurice Newman, Chairman Australian Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council

Maurice Newman, the chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Business Advisory Council, has accused the UN of attempting to subvert democracy, of attempting to establish a worldwide authoritarian regime, with political power concentrated in the hands of UN officials.

According to Newman;

Why then, with such little evidence [for dangerous global warming], does the UN insist the world spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year on futile climate change policies? Perhaps Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN’s Framework on Climate Change has the answer?

In Brussels last February she said, “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years since the Industrial Revolution.”

In other words, the…

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News of the Week, So Far

The Department of Defense has been ordered to fight seafood fraud. All this while Baghdad is under threat.

AMA declares gender is “imaginary.”

The dog ate my homework. Translation: All those emails you wanted, Congress? Well, my hard drive crashed and I specifically lost all of those, and now the computer has been thrown away too.

Redskins, your name is hurtful to those of us who are sensitive. I (the government) am taking your property away.

Er.Um. I got that Benghazi ringleader you all were worried about….finally.

Our Secretary of State: I wonder if Iraq is aware of how bad global warming is….



The world is going mad.

And the beat goes on. La-di-da-di-di.

We better say our prayers.

Watts Up With That?

I want to take some time today to explain who Anthony Watts is because what he reports on is important.  I have a link to Anthony’s blog on my sidebar.  It’s called Watts Up With That?.  He reports on climate change and methods of measuring climate.  Anthony is a former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and also operates a weather technology and content business, as well continuing his daily forecasting on radio. Weather measurement and weather presentation technology is his specialty.  I also have on my sidebar a feed widget that shows the first five posts on the blog and links to them.  Now that you know who he is, you know why this is important.

Our world has been taken over by the-sky-is-falling environmentalists who are fearful at every turn of the weather.  The fact that our government officials buy in to this hysteria could cost taxpayers  a ton of money if cap-and-trade legislation is implemented as well as dragging our economy even further down.  There is a movement of scientists and other weather specialists who are speaking out against this radical thinking.  Carbon dioxide (which they say is warming the earth) is something we humans breathe out.  It’s what the vegetation on the earth lives on.  Anthony and other authors on his blog provide an in depth and fact-filled look at weather and climate, weather agencies and their methods. This is important because Al Gore says the argument is settled; there is no more debate.  It’s important because those who disagree with the mass hysteria are being characterized at looney, crazy, etc.  This is how the radical far left attempts to quash debate.  So make sure to keep up with Anthony’s blog for the latest information on climate and link to him on your blog. It’s very interesting reading.

Common Sense Idea

The House of Representatives passed the cap and tax bill 219-212 tonight.  I’m wondering how much pork was in the bill to troll for votes.  I did read that ethanol got “special protection” so that farm district reps in Minnesota would go for it.  Fortunately, my rep voted against it, so I guess he gets to stay in office.  44 Democrats voted against it, and 8 Republicans voted for it.

This bill in its current form (it now has to go to the Senate) would damage our economy even more, would eliminate more jobs than it can possibly create, and is going to raise the cost of energy from $3000 to $12,000 per year per household, according to CBO (Congressional Budge Office) estimates. I’m not looking forward to paying more for heating and cooling.  And it’s based on a lie, a hoax.

I have a great idea… how about if we all buy copies of Glenn’s Common Sense book and mail them to our reps and sens?  It would be like… kind of a message, don’t ya’ think?

Update:  I heard that Obama’s estimate of how much energy costs would go up for most people is approximately the cost of a postage stamp per week for most people.  That really doesn’t seem to match his pre-election statement about causing the cost of electricity to “skyrocket” which is the word he used in this context.  The administration is on record as disagreeing with the CBO’s estimates.  I suppose the point is, how much of his rhetoric can we believe?

Coming To a Farm Near You?

Boy, does it get ridiculous-er by the day.  In Europe, they are proposing to tax cow flatulence.  Yep, that’s what I said…cow gas.  Link here at the Times online, then read Mark Steyn’s humorous take on this crazy idea.   It’s a cap-and-trade plan for the bovine population.

It seems that belief is widespread that this has something to do with the warming of the globe.  At the risk of telling you too much about myself…I suppose they could tax me for the same thing!

Where will the madness end?

More on Al Gore…

I’m not one to go along with making fun of people; it can be very hurtful.  And I would never write it (probably wouldn’t cross my mind), but I did find this column poking fun at the perception of  Al Gore to be fairly witty.  Anthony Watts posted it here on his blog. It’s about Mr. Gore’s appearance at a Senate committee hearing on climate change last week.  The column appeared in the Washington Post.  It seems there may be other skeptics out there besides those on the right.