A Great Day for Liberty

Yesterday was a great day for liberty in Illinois. Not only did President Trump order the governors of the nation to open up the churches, but Illinois had its own special event.

Justice is coming.

My new representative in the General Assembly, Darren Bailey, has been on a quest to gain freedom from Governor JB Pritzker’s lockdown orders, not just for him, but for everyone. On April 27, the Clay County circuit court granted him a temporary restraining order, essentially setting him free from all of the governor’s mandates. The argument was that the governor had overstepped his authority, and that Mr. Bailey was suffering irreparable harm. The following week, Bailey gave his consent to vacate the restraining order, as he intended to re-argue an even stronger case to the court. After various machinations from the IL attorney general, (one an attempt to move the case to another county) the IL attorney general made a last ditch ploy the day before this week’s hearing, to move the case to federal court. That’s when the BIG BOYS stepped in.

Yesterday, the Southern District of the U.S. Attorney General’s office filed in the federal court asking for REMAND back to the Clay County court, declaring this was not a federal case, but simply a state case.

Truth is, and I have been in the courtroom for all of this case so far, the governor apparently doesn’t like the Clay County judge, and let’s be real. The judge does keep ruling against him and I can see where he’s coming from. The judge, Chief Judge Michael D. McHaney, actually believes in the Constitution and the rights of the people!

And he isn’t buying the state’s fear story…”But judge, what about all the people who will die.” What is he, a prognosticator?

Not only that, another case was heard in the Clay County courthouse yesterday afternoon, even if Darren Bailey’s wasn’t. An Iraq (1991) war veteran and business owner’s case was heard, again arguing that he was suffering irreparable harm by the lockdown orders and asking for a restraining order against the governor. The same judge heard it; the same lawyer argued it. Can you guess what happened to the state again? Yup. The war veteran/business owner got his temporary restraining order.

In Illinois, we have our own Revolutionary War going. No bullets have been fired yet.

And just for fun, there’s this.

It’s Been a Great Week!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller serves it up in a news dump on Friday night.

Hey, it’s just the bun! There’s no meat.


Then, it must be…


One Democrat candidate…


Venezuela didn’t have a good week…


But The Day the Music Died is making a comeback…


One political party has a bright idea…let’s get rid of the electoral college. This looks like Illinois’ recent governor’s election, except in Illinois.

electoral college map

And…spring is here…or so the story goes.