How to Fix It

On gun control….

The government CANNOT fix it.

What is needed in this country is a spiritual awakening, a revival, one where the hearts of men change in their attitudes toward God and they turn away from evildoing. There actually was a time when these sorts of mass killings didn’t happen. It was a time when such things as morality, honor, and respect for others, and doing what’s right ruled in our country.

We can have that again, but we will need hearts to change.

Let the love of God prevail in our nation.

Benjamin Rush

“Where there is no religion, there will be no morals.“—Benjamin Rush.

Who was Benjamin Rush, the man who made this wise  statement?  He was a Founding Father of our country, born on December 24, 1745 and died on April 19, 1813.  He was from Pennsylvania.  He was a Christian, a physician, writer, educator and humanitarian.  He was a founder of Dickson College in Carlisle, PA.  He was an early opponent of slavery and capital punishment.

“The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.  They are corrupt; they have done abominable deeds; there is none that does good or right.”–Psalm 14:1.  Psalm 53:1 pretty much repeats this thought.  So where do “morals” come from?  I believe morals come from a holy God and the knowledge of morals comes from instruction in righteousness, which comes from “religion”, or the Bible.  Due to our current situation, I think we have some “fools” in our federal government (as well as elsewhere), because they refuse instruction in righteousness, OR, they go to church and hear the words, but fail to LIVE by them.

Benjamin Rush was no fool.

I will add an addendum to Mr. Rush’s statement….

…And where there are no morals, society deteriorates into chaos.

New Additions…

I’m jazzing up my blog a bit today. I’ve added a couple of videos on the sidebar…now you can have music while you read my tidbits of information.

I love Third Day’s song, Nothing Compares. It’s true, nothing compares to knowing God. If you have nothing today, you can still know God. He accepts you. And if you know God, you have everything. If you have lost someone important in your life, you can still know God. He will heal your pain. He lost someone important to Him too. The other video is an awesome arrangement of Great Is Thy Faithfulness. God is faithful. We need to believe and pay attention! Why? Because He is always doing things for us. Even small things, but you will miss them if you are not paying attention. Being grateful for what we have in life helps us to see God doing things for us. If we are whiny and ungrateful, we won’t see God’s goodness towards us. Some day maybe I will write a post called “About Peppers, Fans, and Pandas”. It’s about some things God did for me recently and for one 12 year old little girl who wanted a specific item on a sweatshirt for Christmas. God helped me deliver that to my little niece. My heart was touched that He would do that for her, that He cared that much about her desires. Yeah, it was a small thing, but it was a big thing to her…and me. He cares about the small things that concern us. He’s a wonderful God. Get to know Him. He would love that.