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Really, Nancy?

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently informed the nation that July Fourth isn’t just for fireworks and independence any more. It is also the day we should “celebrate” Obamacare.

Sure July Fourth is traditionally celebrated as the day we declared independence from Great Britain, an action that preceded the Revolutionary War and set the tone for our nascent nation. But now it has another significance. As far as Pelosi is concerned it is “health independence” day, too.

From the San Francisco lady herself. Do we need any more proof that progressives really want us to forget the history of our country? Here’s what she said in a press briefing recorded by CSPAN….

“Pretty soon we’ll all be leaving for the Fourth of July recess. Next week, when we celebrate Independence Day we’ll also be observing health independence.

This week marks one year since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. It captures the spirit of our founders. The spirit they wrote in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Affordable Care Act offers just that–a healthier life and the liberty to pursue a person’s happiness to be free of constraint, be job-locked, because they’re policy-locked and so if you wanted to be a cameraman, a writer, you want to be self employed, if you want to be, start a business, if you want to change jobs, whatever it is you want to do you are free, you have the liberty to do.

So, we’ve had Social Security, Medicare, and now health independence, and that’s something our members will take home to celebrate over this Independence Day.”

Yes, Nancy, I will certainly be celebrating health independence…independence from an oppressive, tyrannical federal government that deserves all the de-funding I and every other red-blooded, freedom-loving  American can and should muster. Godspeed to you.

I’d post her photo, but I don’t want to. Instead I will post this…

What it's really all about.

What it’s really all about.

….as the list of the People’s grievances continues to grow…..

Words From Winston

On questions of economic law it does not matter at all what the electors think or vote or say.  The economic laws proceed.  (1929)

“All men are created equal,” says the American Declaration of Independence.  “All man shall be kept equal,” say the British Socialist Party.

——-Winston Churchill

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Who Should Be Our Next President?

I am reading Glenn Beck’s book on the Federalist papers.   The Founders expected that, for the highest office in our land,  people would give the candidates a lot of thought and inspection.  As for guidelines on that choice, they made minimal requirements, expecting that the wisdom of the People would be sufficient. The candidate had to be at least 35 years of age, a resident of the country for at least 14 years and be a natural born citizen (not the same as  just a citizen or naturalized citizen).  This was important to the Founders so as to prevent foreign influence in the top office of the country.

The GOP had another debate last night. I didn’t get to sit and watch it in its entirety.  I had, however, seen an earlier debate and had eliminated two candidates just from that debate.  I was left with three whom I could not choose between at the time.  I loved everything they said.  I like Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty. I loved everything they had to say. I think Newt Gingrich is very smart.  But this morning as I think upon my quandary of choosing, I have added some new requirements of my own.

I feel, that in the light of the current train wreck that we have in the Oval office (masquerading as a leader) that it is imperative in this next election, that we elect a successful former or current governor.  The mess that we currently have, called government, will require someone with governing experience.  No learning on the job this time…the hour is too late for that.  I think this is wisdom.

My other personal requirement is that this successful former or current governor also have a stable personal life…no multiple marriages.  I also think this is wisdom.

So, where does that leave me?  I have three candidates to choose from and I am eliminating all of the rest.  Not because I don’t think they’re wonderful candidates, because I do think most of them are.  I am going for an experienced governing candidate this time, so my field of candidates to choose from will be Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry, who is currently slated to announce his entrance into the race soon.  And should any other successful former or current governors choose to come into the race, I will add them to the roster of choices.

Now I have more thoughtful consideration to do.

Federal Government to the Court

Quarter of Arizona
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“How dare Arizona try to take away that job we’re not doing?”

In a nutshell and on the surface, this is what’s going on.  Beneath the surface there is much more.  Today starts the Federal government‘s challenge to Arizona’s immigration law which is just like the federal law, except AZ defined the parameters much more stringently whereby illegals can be questioned.  I do think this is very much a political move by the Obama administration as well as an unbelievable waste of taxpayer funds in a time of dire economic straits.  But spend, spend, spend we will.  Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Or something like that.

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Recent Events And Chariot Wheels

Since Barack Obama  was inaugurated I have been closely watching his every move to see what kind of president he would prove to be.  He has proven to be  one who doesn’t like the Constitution and the freedoms it grants, EVEN THOUGH he put his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s bible and, not once, but twice, SWORE to uphold the Constitution of the United States, to uphold, defend and protect it.  He has also proven to be a liar and I say that freely, because upholding, defending and protecting is not what he is doing. He is shredding it and trampling on the blood of those who have given and are giving their lives to uphold and defend it.

As I watched, I have said that he is behaving as if there are no more elections, as if he’s not worried about re-election. I found that quite amazing and interesting. After learning of the aid and corruption of unions such as SEIU, led by Andy Stern, and ACORN, with its voter fraud allegations and, with whistleblowers coming out and confirming these things, I began to see how it is that one party could quite conceivably steal an election.  The Minnesota Senate race was another good example of this.  The more they counted the votes, the more the results changed.  (I am an election judge…how in the world did they possibly think that ballots found in someone’s trunk away from the other ballots could even be legal?)

But last Tuesday’s elections show me that the people who want to steal elections don’t have everything quite sewn up, in other words….it looks like the wheels on their chariots are coming off.  I’ll explain…

In the book of Exodus in the Christian bible, the Pharaoh of Egypt has decided to oppress the people of God to keep them in bondage to him and his system.  He wants to own them, provide their healthcare, tax them as he pleases and decide their every move. (Is this sounding familiar to anyone yet?)  After taking some extremely devastating hits from nature, ending with the death of the firstborn son of every Egyptian, Pharaoh finally relents and says that the people of God can GO FREE.  But after they are gone, he changes his mind and sets his army off after them.  And as they are going…

“He (God) made the wheels of their chariots come off so that they had difficulty driving. And the Egyptians said, “Let’s get away from the Israelites! The LORD is fighting for them against Egypt.”- Exodus 14.25 New International Version

Man cannot outsmart God…If you purport evil against the people of this country, you will have a reckoning with God.

Keep praying…I think their chariot wheels ARE starting to come off.