Just Thinking Out Loud

A prior post looked at the state’s thinking and planning concerning the gaming industry. Or maybe it’s the gaming industry’s plan, I don’t know. Maybe they put their heads together to decide the rules. Oh yeh, I think that’s called lobbying.

There’s something else that’s been rolling around in me the past couple of weeks. When one stops to really THINK about the fact that townships and local governments can TAKE from the taxpayers every year a guaranteed 5% increase on their levies (no matter what the inflation rate is)….just think about that for a minute. 5% every year…in four years that’s 20%; in 10 years’ time, that’s a whopping 50% increase in government spending (and taking from the private sector). My question is this…can the private sector ever possibly keep up with this? While many younger people are out there peddling their bikes as fast as they can to get ahead during their child rearing years, do any of them see an increase of 50% in income in 10 years? I know some may, but the average person, which is what most of us are these days, will not.

So my point is, while local governments can automatically, and by law, take an extra 5% every year and spend it, doesn’t this practice really just keep digging into the private sector’s pockets and diminishing their spending habits, which makes the economy go round and keeps business going? And this doesn’t even touch on what the state of Illinois is doing to the private sector. (“Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax tax.”) What I’m touching on in this post is local governments, townships, villages, etc. It’s no wonder gaming is such a big hit around White County and a lot of money is being spent in that sector, and then the winnings too are being spent.

Here are some interesting stats from the internet about White County.

White County is 8th in Illinois out of 102 other counties in Female residents. (Hey guys, move here. There are more women to choose from.)

White County is 8th in Illinois out of 102 other counties in Residents 65 or older. (If they are going by income taxes to make the median income, this age group would not be it necessarily, but some in this age group have provided for themselves by saving, however this would not be working income, as younger age groups would have.)

White County is 9th in Illinois out of 102 other counties in Race – White, not Hispanic or Latino.

White County is 15th in Illinois out of 102 other counties in Residents younger than 5.

White County is 17th in Illinois out of 102 other counties in Race – White,

To sum it up, White County has a lot of females, and if they are young, they are raising children, hence the higher population under the age of five also. And if they are divorced, they are most likely in a very low income bracket. White County has a lot of over-65-year-olds. Many in this group are struggling to get by also due to life circumstances. I have heard it said this is a good county to retire in, but the person never said why. White County is predominantly caucasian in race. Not sure that means anything, but it might.

Here are figures of the median income for White County, which I was surprised to see. I thought those figures would be lower, but we are an oil-producing county, so perhaps that bumps it up a bit.

2018: $49,507 
Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Not sure what (+more) means., but almost $50,000 is not a bad median income to have. But if Walmart is the largest employer in the county, that wage would not apply to the majority of those employees.

If you are so inclined to continue reading, here are some interesting stats about the state of Illinois at large. The median population growth must be a mistake, because the stats claim an increase, but the numbers stayed the same. Not sure how they figured that, or it could just be government-think.

From https://datausa.io/profile/geo/illinois/

In 2017, Illinois had a population of 12.8M people with a median age of 38 and a median household income of $62,992. Between 2016 and 2017 the population of Illinois grew from 12.8M to 12.8M, a 0.00378% increase and its median household income grew from $60,960 to $62,992, a 3.33% increase. (This seems hard to believe.)


The population of Illinois is 61.2% White Alone, 17.2% Hispanic or Latino, and 14% Black or African American Alone. 23.5% of the people in Illinois speak a non-English language, and 92.9% are U.S. citizens.


The largest universities in Illinois are University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (12,994 degrees awarded in 2016), Northwestern University (9,127 degrees), and Chamberlain College of Nursing-Illinois (7,845 degrees).


The median property value in Illinois is $195,300, and the homeownership rate is 66.2%. Most people in Illinois commute by Drove Alone, and the average commute time is 27.7 minutes. The average car ownership in Illinois is 2 cars per household.

Illinois borders MichiganIndianaMissouriWisconsinKentucky, and Iowa.


The economy of Illinois employs 6.01M people.

The largest industries in Illinois are Restaurants & Food Services (382,623 people), Apparently us Illinoisans like to eat!

Elementary & secondary schools (353,850 people),

I’m actually surprised this is considered industry. These are public sector jobs, which must be supported by the private sector. There is no direct private sector interest here. It is entirely supported by other people’s money since it generates none of its own. But I suppose we could attribute indirect private sector interest when the schools turn out productive members of society who start businesses or work in the private sector. I wonder what the stats on that might show.

Hospitals (313,180 people), and the highest paying industries are Securities, commodities, funds, trusts & other financial investments ($162,577), Petroleum refining($114,177), and Computer & peripheral equipment manufacturing ($113,871).


Median household income in Illinois is $62,992. Males in Illinois have an average income that is 1.37 times higher than the average income of females, which is $53,388. The income inequality in Illinois (measured using the Gini index) is 0.482, which is higher than than the national average.


So there you have it, some food for thought on a Saturday morning.

Update: In discussion with a friend, it was pointed out that the 5% increase in levies every year is on the current levy, which, as it increases each year and 5% of that amount is added to it, actually makes the total increases much higher than 20% in four years and 50% in 10 years because the base amount keeps increasing.







Government’s Propensity Towards Evil

Most governments’ insidious slide towards evil works can be directly correlated and attributed to the regressive path away from morality as expressed in many religions. At a time in our nation when values and morality were more highly prized, John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” That means that self-governing people can only stay self-governing when they exhibit a moral compass, a conscience led by tenets of morality, right and wrong, as expressed in most religious belief systems. Once a country loses that compass, the Constitution is unable to restrain evil because the Constitution is upheld by men, and if men are immoral, the Constitution gets trashed. The trashing of morality trashes our laws and the things America used to live by. Men make their own rules and do what is right in their own eyes. We are seeing this played out every day in the things our Congress and news media are doing. It appears now that Government’s main emphasis is to keep itself alive and growing.

I have recently learned of some things concerning the gaming industry’s embrace by small towns. This is encouraged by the State of Illinois and let me tell you what I have ascertained about that.

First, as I examined the gaming activity of funds compared to the amount paid out, I realized the gap between the two was low. I immediately perceived this high payout amount must be in order to KEEP PEOPLE PLAYING. I find this to be a nefarious motive on the part of the state. The second thing that I have pondered is why the state requires that alcohol be sold in the establishment along with the gaming. They are coupled together, so the establishment must first appeal to the village to receive a liquor license that requires a fairly good fee to acquire. One establishment in our small town hasn’t even sold one beer in almost a year of having a gaming room. The establishment actually stated in the beginning of the venture they weren’t interested in selling alcohol, but wanted the gaming customers. I also find this to be an egregious requirement on the part of the state, as it seems fairly obvious that the more one might drink, the more one might spend on gaming.

Is this really what our government is supposed to be doing? Coming up with atrocious schemes to encourage destructive behavior? Let’s face it, with the temptation in the minds of gamers that they might actually “hit it big,” who are the people who game? Are they the poor among us? Does it really benefit the state of  Illinois to tempt the poor among us to give up what little they have, and possibly in the process, deny their families and children the necessary things they might need to exist? Is this really our government’s place? I am appalled to think this level of corruption could possible exist.

I watched a representative of a gaming company insist repeatedly that a small town of 200 people will actually pull in $14,000 per year in taxes for the village. And like a hypnotist swinging an expensive watch in front of his subject, he persuades them. There is no way this little town is going to make that much in gaming taxes. I have compared the gaming taxes of other small villages in the area. They might make that in 5 years. And people keep falling for it.

I fear we have much corruption by corrupt people in our government. Government is too big and I am afraid they lie all the time. Are we at a revolutionary moment? The time when a form of government has become destructive and must be changed? What do you think?

Update: Just to be perfectly clear, I really don’t take issue with the form of government we have. I think it is the best ever devised on the planet in the midst of fallen men. I re-iterate, when morals and standards fail and are no longer valued, there is no government that can be trusted to care for its people.



80 Days and Counting…As We The People Wait


The People keep hearing reports almost every day and night about the investigation into the investigators of the Russia hoax. The reporters who really want to know are doing their jobs, Sara Carter, John Solomon, etc. Now the FBI 302s have been released, not by AG Barr, but by Judicial Watch. AG Barr was given declassification authority 80 days ago…we hope this doesn’t mean what many fear it could mean.

Read Sundance’s article today here.

How to Fix It

On gun control….

The government CANNOT fix it.

What is needed in this country is a spiritual awakening, a revival, one where the hearts of men change in their attitudes toward God and they turn away from evildoing. There actually was a time when these sorts of mass killings didn’t happen. It was a time when such things as morality, honor, and respect for others, and doing what’s right ruled in our country.

We can have that again, but we will need hearts to change.

Let the love of God prevail in our nation.

Regarding solar energy…and wind power companies

I don’t have a solar farm, but I harness the power of the sun every day. When the sun comes out, it warms my home. And I didn’t spend any money to get it to do that. AND, get this, I save fossil fuel usage. Now just think about that.

Up in Douglas County, Illinois, the citizens there are desperately trying to keep the land from being cluttered with forty or more 600 feet (or so) tall wind turbines that won’t at all bother the land leaseholders WHO DON’T LIVE THERE.

Not to mention, they are battling on several fronts.

First, we have a planning committee (WECS) who will recommend to the board to pass an application for a permit that violates their OWN ORDINANCE. The county board is scheduled to vote this morning on the permit WHICH VIOLATES THEIR OWN ORDINANCE. Even the county engineer voted AGAINST the permit yesterday in a committee meeting (and I didn’t even know that county engineers had an official vote in county business).

This company came to an incorporated town in the neighboring county and tried to BRIBE them to let the turbines come inside of their established perimeters. The bribe: they would paint their water tower.

Two townships in Douglas County who would be surrounded by wind turbines put zoning requirements in place; the company then took them to court.

The Illinois State Assembly stepped in, proposed a law in February 2019 and passed in April 2019, (wow, that was quick) effectively stating that TOWNSHIPS HAD NO ZONING AUTHORITY in this matter; only county zoning laws counted. Apparently, before the law, townships DID have this authority. That’s interesting.

This is a GLOBAL COMPANY, perhaps backed by China, if the name gives any indication.

Folks, I am here to tell you, especially Illinoisans…these big companies don’t give a lick about the little guy (that’s me and you). The Illinois State Assembly doesn’t have enough representatives and senators that give a lick about me and you. And apparently, the county boards don’t give a lick either.

I believe it’s all about the money. The company comes in, knowing communities need money, make a lot of big promises (lies), that I’m not at all sure they can prove, and elected officials swoon at the thought. I watched a gaming company come into a board meeting the other night. (Yeah I know this is off topic, but follow me.) This kid made a promise (promotion?) to a financially needy little town of 200 people that their little convenience store could bring in $14,000 a year if they would have gaming. Really? Looking at the gaming revenue added to other villages, I say this: Maybe they can get $14,000 in five years!

My point is this. We live in unparalleled (for us) times. Corruption in government entities is creating a lot of the financial difficulties we are experiencing. Elected officials are always “buying votes” using the taxpayers’ money. Corruption in businesses looking for a leg up or to game the corrupt system of government is probably at an all time high. Take off the rose colored glasses, elected officials. It’s a line of bs. Taxpayers are fed up. We don’t believe YOUR LIES and we don’t believe the lies the companies are selling you either.

It’s entirely possible that government subsidies are about to come to an end for these wind and solar companies. That, combined with increased legislative demands that energy companies obtain a higher percentage of their electricity from “renewables” that cost 70% more than fossil fuels to claim, is probably “fueling” (haha!) the push to get more wind farms up and more solar farms going.

Just remember, the sun heats my house every day that it’s out…and I don’t pay a dime for that.

You can follow the progress of the Douglas County battle on The Dawn Coyote Facebook page. (Get it…Don Quixote)