Struck by a Turtle or Bit by a Turtle

Today saw a highly entertaining morning on the Glen Beck program as Glenn, Stu and Pat examined the new medical diagnostic codes coming out that will inform the federal government what injuries Americans are receiving. The focus of their attention was on the speech that Rand Paul gave earlier this year to the Iowa Republican Party, which is quite remarkable. You can read and hear an excerpt of the speech here.  Full speech is here.

Apparently 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes have been added to our existing coding system, currently with 18,000 codes, by our ever industrious government. (I think they must lie awake at night thinking of new things to foist upon the American people.) Injuries sustained from turtles and macaws made the list. Have you ever been injured by any of these creatures? And there are 9 separate injuries by macaws that are in the new codes. Glenn, Stu, and Pat speculated on what those 9 injuries might be. They had a really hard time coming up with 9….

The folks on the Glenn Beck program have a wonderful gift for taking a silly topic like this, tossing it around and back and forth at each other, poking fun at it, and adding to all the silliness. It was very funny, and if you didn’t hear it, you should. It makes for a light-hearted morning…if it wasn’t for the fact that this is our federal government spending their time on the taxpayer dime doing such inane things. You really must hear it to believe it.

Oh yeh…burning water skis got their own code too.