Marco Rubio for President?

There has been much speculation and talk in the Republican party about what a great candidate for President Marco Rubio would make. Yesterday, Powerline blog at posted something that should not sit well with any law-abiding citizen of this country. Again, it makes the case for the Constitutional requirements that only natural-born citizens be elevated to the highest offices in the land. His bias and legislative efforts against enforcing the laws on immigration is documented in the post.  The Daily Caller is referenced as the place the information came from. Who knew? Republican party, pay attention.  Here’s the link to the post by Paul Mirengoff. The original post at the Daily Caller is by Charles C. Johnson. Here’s the link to that post.

On Video – Obama Says He’s Not An American

Well, this certainly needs to be checked out.  Has it been edited, audited, or spliced?  You be the judge. Where did this video come from?

UPDATE: Ok, turns out this is from a site called which has humorous videos of the president. Go check out other funnies. Of course, those of us who question his natural born citizenship status CAN actually hear him saying what he said in this one. And don’t forget, Michelle called Kenya his home country in one of her speeches, but if you want reference, I’ll have to track it down.

Whoops…here it is: