News of the Week, So Far

The Department of Defense has been ordered to fight seafood fraud. All this while Baghdad is under threat.

AMA declares gender is “imaginary.”

The dog ate my homework. Translation: All those emails you wanted, Congress? Well, my hard drive crashed and I specifically lost all of those, and now the computer has been thrown away too.

Redskins, your name is hurtful to those of us who are sensitive. I (the government) am taking your property away.

Er.Um. I got that Benghazi ringleader you all were worried about….finally.

Our Secretary of State: I wonder if Iraq is aware of how bad global warming is….



The world is going mad.

And the beat goes on. La-di-da-di-di.

We better say our prayers.

Why Haven’t We Heard Anything About This One?

It has recently come to my attention that 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium was secretly sold and moved to Canada from an area outside Baghdad. Removal began in April and finished in July 2008. It has been reported that President Bush kept mum about the find so that terrorists would not know where it was. I think I can safely call that looking out for the country, perhaps even the world.

Read more here: , here at,2933,376747,00.html and here at

Now, I am an avid news watcher, but I never heard a word about this til I was recently doing some reading online. I don’t think it was talked about for days on end like some other things I can think of.