Regarding solar energy…and wind power companies

I don’t have a solar farm, but I harness the power of the sun every day. When the sun comes out, it warms my home. And I didn’t spend any money to get it to do that. AND, get this, I save fossil fuel usage. Now just think about that.

Up in Douglas County, Illinois, the citizens there are desperately trying to keep the land from being cluttered with forty or more 600 feet (or so) tall wind turbines that won’t at all bother the land leaseholders WHO DON’T LIVE THERE.

Not to mention, they are battling on several fronts.

First, we have a planning committee (WECS) who will recommend to the board to pass an application for a permit that violates their OWN ORDINANCE. The county board is scheduled to vote this morning on the permit WHICH VIOLATES THEIR OWN ORDINANCE. Even the county engineer voted AGAINST the permit yesterday in a committee meeting (and I didn’t even know that county engineers had an official vote in county business).

This company came to an incorporated town in the neighboring county and tried to BRIBE them to let the turbines come inside of their established perimeters. The bribe: they would paint their water tower.

Two townships in Douglas County who would be surrounded by wind turbines put zoning requirements in place; the company then took them to court.

The Illinois State Assembly stepped in, proposed a law in February 2019 and passed in April 2019, (wow, that was quick) effectively stating that TOWNSHIPS HAD NO ZONING AUTHORITY in this matter; only county zoning laws counted. Apparently, before the law, townships DID have this authority. That’s interesting.

This is a GLOBAL COMPANY, perhaps backed by China, if the name gives any indication.

Folks, I am here to tell you, especially Illinoisans…these big companies don’t give a lick about the little guy (that’s me and you). The Illinois State Assembly doesn’t have enough representatives and senators that give a lick about me and you. And apparently, the county boards don’t give a lick either.

I believe it’s all about the money. The company comes in, knowing communities need money, make a lot of big promises (lies), that I’m not at all sure they can prove, and elected officials swoon at the thought. I watched a gaming company come into a board meeting the other night. (Yeah I know this is off topic, but follow me.) This kid made a promise (promotion?) to a financially needy little town of 200 people that their little convenience store could bring in $14,000 a year if they would have gaming. Really? Looking at the gaming revenue added to other villages, I say this: Maybe they can get $14,000 in five years!

My point is this. We live in unparalleled (for us) times. Corruption in government entities is creating a lot of the financial difficulties we are experiencing. Elected officials are always “buying votes” using the taxpayers’ money. Corruption in businesses looking for a leg up or to game the corrupt system of government is probably at an all time high. Take off the rose colored glasses, elected officials. It’s a line of bs. Taxpayers are fed up. We don’t believe YOUR LIES and we don’t believe the lies the companies are selling you either.

It’s entirely possible that government subsidies are about to come to an end for these wind and solar companies. That, combined with increased legislative demands that energy companies obtain a higher percentage of their electricity from “renewables” that cost 70% more than fossil fuels to claim, is probably “fueling” (haha!) the push to get more wind farms up and more solar farms going.

Just remember, the sun heats my house every day that it’s out…and I don’t pay a dime for that.

You can follow the progress of the Douglas County battle on The Dawn Coyote Facebook page. (Get it…Don Quixote)


It’s Been a Great Week!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller serves it up in a news dump on Friday night.

Hey, it’s just the bun! There’s no meat.


Then, it must be…


One Democrat candidate…


Venezuela didn’t have a good week…


But The Day the Music Died is making a comeback…


One political party has a bright idea…let’s get rid of the electoral college. This looks like Illinois’ recent governor’s election, except in Illinois.

electoral college map

And…spring is here…or so the story goes.


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Ya’ Think?


The Economy and Government Spending

‘If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.‘ So said economist Milton Friedman (1912 – 2006), one of the most colorful and controversial characters in the history of American economics.

I don’t pretend to know a lot about how the economy works, but I have been listening to analysts and economists for years, so I grasp a little. Lately I have been listening to  the Dan Bongino Show podcasts on and he introduced his listeners to a theory from Milton Friedman, that I find to be a very simple analysis of how things work. So here it is, pretty much in my own words and I hope I can do it justice. It’s basically a commentary on human nature.

If you take YOUR money to purchase something for YOURSELF, you will be interested in price and quality of a product. You will make decisions based on those aspects. You will want the best quality you can get for the best price.

If you take YOUR money and purchase something for SOMEONE ELSE, you will be interested in price (because it’s still your money), but quality may take a nosedive, as quality for someone else will not be quite as important.

Now take SOMEONE ELSE’S money to spend on YOURSELF, and all bets are off. You won’t be concerned about the price, and you will want the highest quality. “How much is that hotel room? $20,000? Great, we’ll take it.” Because someone else is PAYING FOR IT. How many times do you go out to eat and, as soon as you find out someone else will pay for it, you start looking at more expensive meals? It’s normal, folks!

Now, here is our government. Take SOMEONE ELSE’S money to buy things for SOMEONE ELSE. Price and quality both go out the window. No one cares what the price is because it’s not their money and no one cares what the quality is, because it’s for someone else.

This is what’s wrong with our elected officials.

Did Friedman nail it or what? Let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!