Chavez’ Answer to Dissenters…

Voted-in dictator Hugo Chavez has found a new way to discourage dissent in that country-that-used-to-be free, Venezuela. He is calling out his National Guard to use an instrument of torture called the claw on those who desire to exercise freedom of speech. (That’s the claw down by his right boot.)

This could only be imposed on a population that is not armed with their own weapons.


3 thoughts on “Chavez’ Answer to Dissenters…

  1. i hope it too… im from venezuela, im an student of USM univ. and each day we are are getting closer to medieval times.. we have on porpouse electrical cutouts… chavez does mandatory speeches while we are in the streets so no channel can transmit images of whats happening.. its getting at itsworse.. chavez is taking his democratic mask for the real sadist and dictator.

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