Violence on The Right….Really?

With all the talk lately of fear of violence from the right, this article by Mithridate Ombud from sums it up nicely.  I excerpt this portion only:

And there’s one more here:  the brutal beating of Governor Bobby Jindal’s  staffer and her boyfriend in in New Orleans during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Just remember:  this is an election year…expect the rhetoric and even the violence to get much worse.  Desperation causes politicians to do strange things.  And it certainly looks to me like the thuggery on the Progressive side has ratcheted up quite a bit lately.  This may be the way things are done in Chicago.


2 thoughts on “Violence on The Right….Really?

  1. This is good, and I’m so glad you posted it. The libs/leftists just say anything, and don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re plain lying. Just say it, and make others believe it. That’s how they operate, and it’s so frustrating. But sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  2. We need to always challenge their “allegations” by asking for their facts. Most people get flustered by the accusations and can’t think. The allegations tend to intimidate righteous people sometimes. This is a great list to keep handy. And by the way, now we should use Alinsky’s tactics and turn the tables on them by using these factual incidents to charge THEM with violence. Progressives are throwing so much crap around these days…look at the big hoopla about those Congressmen on the capitol steps charging people shouting the n word at them…investigations, by truth-seekers, I might add, have found nothing of the kind happened, and now the congressmen have clammed up and won’t talk. I put a new quote by Pres. Reagan on my sidebar…”When virtue goes, the government fails…” We are watching the implosion as I write.

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